S Self-portrait Use this mode to take pictures of yourself or include yourself in pictures. Магазины, в которых можно купить этот товар и его аналоги. The resized image is saved. Gone are the days of not being able to print out pictures at home because operating the computer was too difficult! The standard procedure for taking still pictures is described below. Battery performance that has deteriorated due to cold temperature will return to normal performance when the batteries reach room temperature. Понятно, что одним процессом сыт не будешь, ведь нужно еще и получать качественные снимки.

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Camera Features Camera Features In addition to basic picture-taking, the Optio M10 has a variety of shooting modes to suit different situations.

Инструкция по эксплуатации Pentax Optio V10 | страниц

This can cause an electrical shock. Интрукция the camera at the pentax optio m10 инструкция sheet of paper or other material so that it fills the screen of the LCD monitor. Use the four-way controller 45 to select Y Frame Composite and press the 4 button.

When drive mode is set to Y, pentax optio m10 инструкция number of recorded pixels is set to h and quality level is set to D. Thank you for your cooperation. The Memory screen appears. Setting the Color Saturation Saturation You can set the color saturation. Powering the Camera Installing the Batteries Install the batteries into the camera. Press the four-way controller 23 to select [Memory].

The user-friendly design of pentax optio m10 инструкция Optio M10 enables easy operation with only a few buttons. Language, Date and Time can be changed. Printing Single Images In the printing mode selection screen, use the four-way controller 23 to select [Select image]. The selected images and sound files are deleted.

руководство Pentax Optio M10

Using the Shutter Release Button The shutter release button works in a two-step action as follows. Use the four-way controller to select s Pentax optio m10 инструкция Rotation. Page 37 If the 4 button was accidentally pressed in another language, perform the following operation to set the language back.

Page 41 Using the Shutter Release Button The shutter release button works in a two-step action as follows.

Changes the drive mode. The batteries could explode or catch fire.

Магазины, в которых можно купить этот товар и его аналоги

Use the four-way controller 23 to select [Delete All]. The shutter speed will be slower in low light conditions. This manual also for: Page Red-eye reduction cd The more pixels there pentax optio m10 инструкция, the bigger the file size.

Setting the Shooting Mode The Optio M10 has a variety of shooting modes that let you take pictures or record movies and sound in different situations simply by choosing the right mode for the particular situation from the Capture Mode Palette. It is best to use a tripod in this pentax optio m10 инструкция. Иострукция addition, by placing the supplied dock insert petax a Kodak E.

Zoom Playback Zoom Playback You can magnify an image up to eight times.

The displayed images change nine at a time page by page. Setting The Sensitivity 2, 3, 4 1, 6 Setting the Sensitivity You can select the sensitivity to suit the brightness of the pentax optio m10 инструкция. Spain Switzerland, Poland, Portugal Asia Пользуясь просмотром онлайн M100 можете быстро просмотреть содержание и перейти на страницу, на которой найдете решение своей проблемы с Pentax OPTIO M Trimming Images You can delete the pentax optio m10 инструкция part of a picture and save the trimmed image as a separate image.

The display shows information such as the shooting conditions. Увеличить Снято с производства.