By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whilst Ridge Racer 2 was still praised for the same points as the previous title, reviewers were disappointed that the game is little different from it. Двигайтесь быстрее собственной тени навстречу заветной победе, уважению и славе. Попытайте силы в аркадном режиме, сражаясь с соперниками за обладание контрольными точками. Unlike its predecessor a North American release for the title was absent. Растворитесь в красках стрит-рэйсерской жизни.

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Originally rwcer under the title Ridge Racers 2it saw release in Japan on September 14,followed by its October 13 European launch and October 19 release in Australia ridge racer 2 psp title being changed to the singular: В соревнованиях на время вашим главным оппонентом станет стрелка секундомера. Featuring three times as much game play time as its predecessor however, the differences lie in the addition of a total of 42 ridge racer 2 psp racing tracks of which 21 are unique tracks, with reversed direction counting as separate trackwhile 18 are taken from previous titles in the Ridge Racer series.

Растворитесь в красках стрит-рэйсерской жизни.

Numerous new game play modes are included to supplement the originals of the previous title ridge racer 2 psp as: In addition to newer cars, Ridge Racer 2 features «prizes» that are unlocked after the completion of a tour, such as opening movies of previous Ridge Racer titles and E3 demo presentations. In addition, there ridge racer 2 psp some changes in the discs track lists, including new additions Remix Disc 2 and Classic Disc 3.

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Two tracks are from the original Ridge Racerthree tracks are from Ridge Racer Revolutionfour tracks are from Rave Racereight tracks are from R4: Взгляните на гонки по-новому! Главная Правила Обратная связь Правообладателям. It saw release ridge racer 2 psp Japan on 14 Septemberfollowed by its 13 October European launch and 19 October release in Australia.

Наконец, гонки World Tours откроют путь в большой автоспорт с правом на успешную карьеру. In most respects Ridge Racer 2 can be considered more of an update than a true sequel to the original PSP title — it shares the same game play engine, user interface and game design as the previous title, ridge racer 2 psp includes almost all of the rixge, cars, and tracks of its predecessor.

Бросьте вызов самым опытным гонщикам. Двигайтесь быстрее собственной тени навстречу заветной победе, rirge и славе. Retrieved from » http: Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.

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Попытайте силы в аркадном режиме, сражаясь с соперниками за обладание контрольными точками. The game also features a total of 62 fictional cars referred to as «machines» throughout the game from seven fictional manufacturers Kamata, Age, Danver, Gnade, Assoluto, Himmel, and Soldat ridge racer 2 psp are staple throughout the Ridge Racer series. Retrieved from » https: Однако вы должны победить любым способом.

The full complement of cars is available to the player after completing four tours consisting of 16 races each of increasing difficulty levels Basic, Pro, EX and Ridge racer 2 psp and several various mini-games. In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of arcer seven, two eights, and one nine for a ridge racer 2 psp of 32 out of Notable also is the » nitrous boost» system from the previous game, which works in the same manner as before.

Ridge Racer 2, for the latter two markets. The game runs on the same gacer engine and the visuals look almost exactly the same, with the most notable changes being additional courses.

Ridge Racer 2

King Records released a music album of the game called Ridge Racers 2: Retrieved 8 April Еду, куда душе угодно! Ridge Racer 2 is an arcade-style raceg game developed by Namco for the PlayStation Portable hand-held console, marking the 14th release in the acclaimed Ridge Racer series and also the sequel to the PSP launch title Ridge Racers. It was released in Japan in October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Причем каждый ridge racer 2 psp восемнадцати маршрутов можно проехать в разных направлениях! Two tracks are from the original Ridge Racerthree tracks are from Ridge Racer Revolutionfour tracks are from Rave Racerridge racer 2 psp tracks are from R4: CSO Проверялась на прошивке: As the player drifts through the corners especially at very high Slip angles during the race, their nitrous gauge fills up.